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opening our office in USA


Pratiko Medical

1713 Industrial Parkway suite 103

Lyndonville, Vermont 05851

Phone: 802-748-0099

Fax: 802-748-0048



BOOTH #1348BOOTH #1348



2015-12-18 ***NEW ADDRESS***

Our new location address is 630, Desmarais Street  Richmond, Quebec  J0B 2H0


We now offer a new color of foldable shelf for locker! Click this link to find out!


New web site !





Logo de Pratiko


Pratiko inc.

20 Saffin Street

Danville, Quebec


J0A 1A0

Phone: 819.839-3303

Fax: 819.839-1242


Pratiko Medical

1713 Industrial Parkway

 suite 103

Lyndonville,Vermont 05851

Phone: 802-748-0099

Fax: 802-748-0048


Four Divisions, A Unique Solutions Supplier !

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Medical Foldable Shelf for Locker Abrasive (Salt / Sand) Spreader Custom Products


PRATIKO is quality and innovative supplier since 2006. Customer satisfaction through innovative products developments and production is our number one priority. Through the years we developed new process which allows us to constantly increased quality and capabilities while reducing cost. PRATIKO is innovative people supplying solutions that are created with their large tool box. Our tool box includes the casting of simple to complex plastic (urethane), foam rubber and silicone parts for low to medium size production (10 to 10 000 parts per order) using low cost tooling. Our capability includes machining, metal forming, welding, assemblage and painting. Our design team can help you in the conception of new parts, solving problems or just produce a 3D part of your part or object to validate.


Pratiko development and production capabilities lead to the creation of four product lines:

  • The Medical: automatic braking system for wheelchair bringing safety, profiled rubber handrim / handrail for wheelchair giving comfort, longer lasting, looks and safety with the phoshorescent version, manual brake extension for wheelchair and adapted ustensil with silicone sleeve. All medical products developed by PRATIKO follow the same philosophy... reducing falls risks and keep people at home as long as possible and ease the life for people with mobility restrictions.
  • Foldable Shelf for Locker (back-to-school and storage product):  this foldable shelf is built in robust Canadian Steel and fast and easy  to install ! Originally design for student lockers, it is now use in multiple location such as workers and sports lockers. Self-supporting, clients now use it outside the lockers, beside the fax machine at the office or wherever you need storage !
  • Abrasive Spreading (Salt/Sand):  equipment that includes a large variety of spreaders configuration and chute.
  • Custom Products: from conception to realisation, design and 3D drawing, 3D printing and prototypage, casting of plastic  and rubber / silicone / urethane foam, urethane sprayable coating, plastic fusion on metal, machining or metal forming and assemblage, all in one stop.


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