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Pratiko inc.

630 Desmarais Street

Richmond, Quebec


J0B 2H0

Phone: 819.826.3300

Fax: 819.826.3355


Pratiko Medical

1713 Industrial Parkway

 suite 103

Lyndonville,Vermont 05851

Phone: 802-748-0099

Fax: 802-748-0048

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Silicone molding:

Silicone is used for these resistance:
    • UV resistance     • Resistance temperatures up to 250 C     • Resistance to deformation     • Product that can be used in food application     • Non-adhering product     • Excellent dielectric strength     • Easy cleaning and disinfection
Silicone is used in different applications:
    • Manufacture of molds for wax, soap, chocolate, maple sugar, lollipop, ....     • Manufacture of seals     • Manufacture of parts for the food industry, for high temperature,...     • Manufacture of parts for reusable masking in the field of painting
Silicone specification:
    • Hardness from 00 to 60 A     • Color according to the request and the type of silicone used     • Heat resistance